Terms for accounts:

· Net due 21st day of the month after statement received.

· Payment in full is expected each month. If no payment made after 60 days the account will be given to collections and all privileges to charge will be revoked. If other terms are agreed to then 60 days after the end of the agreed terms.

· Finance charge 2% month (24% annual) on past due.

· Finance charges are accrued after a 30 day grace period after due date.

· Past due or over credit limit accounts are not eligible for any extra discounts (including cash and carry discounts) until account is settled.
· Any payments will be applied to oldest invoices first.

· Payment for billed accounts must pay with check (business check) or cash only. NO CREDIT CARDS.

· Currently no extra discounts on credit card purchases.

· $35 admin fee for bad checks.

· No purchases over the credit limit without authorization by management.